Three Pints Shy
Founded in 2003, THREE PINTS SHY has become a raucous pub band, updating and
reinvigorating the Celtic music so beloved all around the world.  Stemming from the
traditions of Tommy Makem and The Clancy Brothers,
appeared at the New York Renaissance Festival in Tuxedo, NY.  Our group members
are David Anthony, Jonathan Siregar, Robbie Taylor and David Mikofsky.

Preferring the enjoyment of music and drinking, the group is influenced by all Irish
drinking songs.  
THREE PINTS SHY performs with a high-energy style, creating an
appeal to a younger audience, creating a fanatical audience reaction that grows with
every song.  But they are not beyond the touching ballads of the Emerald Isle,
enamouring their fans with their gentle harmonies.

Their first CD, "
Waking the Dead" is made to capture their live performance energy.  
Each song is a lively and fun affair, performed as if tailor made for the pubs of Dublin.  
Each of the songs, recorded in May 2005 in Englishtown, NJ, captures their love of
this music, as well as their humorous performances and amazing energy.

Their followup CD, "
Another Long Dangerous Year" contains the same energy and
humor as the first, adding David to the mix for the first time.  Even more high energy,
with a rich sound and contemporary take on the traditional Irish music, this CD was a
fast seller and a strong fan favorite

Recently Three Pints Shy has recorded their newest CD, "
The Burlap Album", a
combination of tradition and original, the group takes on familiar tunes as well as
showcasing the newly created material for their CD.  Modern studio style, recorded for
your local, this album certainly feels like the band you are about to hear.

Jonathan Siregar - Jonathan is the founder of Three Pints Shy, making the group
come together on a whim of an artistic director, and the name suggested by the musical
director of the New York Renaissance Festival.  He was assigned to be the director,
having no musical knowledge, experience, or the slightest clue as to what he was
doing, so he relied on his able-minded crew around him to aid him in developing the
band.  So thanks to many different people making him look good, people have touted
him as a genius, which they couldn't be further from the truth.  In addition to Three
Pints Shy, he has tried to make a career with theatre, writing, painting, cartooning, and
food preparation.  None of which have turned out well.   So why not try musician?  
Jonathan resides in Brooklyn, with his lovely wife Maya, his son Christopher and two
cats, who are more talented than he.

David Anthony - Kin to the legendary folk singers, The Carter Family, David explores
his grandfather's, sister's husband's roots in Three Pints Shy, the most successful and
appealing hybrid of Irish Pub Singing Drunkards and Boy Band that exists in the world

When not singing with Three Pints Shy for the masses in the States and crown princes
of Europe, David produces theatre for The Rising Sun Performance Company (www. and works as a freelance photographer.

He also likes kittens or puppies, whichever happens to be your favorite.

Robbie Taylor - Robbie Taylor is a professional actor, sometimes singer, sometimes
dancer. You may have seen him at places like Paper Mill Playhouse, Portland Stage
Company, The National Black Theatre Festival, The American Globe, or La MaMa. You
might have seen him in the History Channel special Honor Deferred. More likely though,
you know him from your local bar. He’s the guy a couple of stools down talking loudly
about absolutely nothing.

David Mikofsky - Known to many as The Creepy Bard, David joined the group in
2015, and has been expanding the parameters and songbook of the band.  A
professional balladeer and competitive bard, David has had a long history of playing at
renaissance festivals across the country as a solo perfomer, all along the East coast.

Seth Morgan - Seth has been listening to his friend David Anthony talk for years about
his Irish band and is proud to have joined the ranks. He is a classically trained singer
and actor, but prefers to pay the bills with event and theatrical lighting work. He is a
solo singer/songwriter, has released two albums of his own and is working on a third.
You may see him playing at Mercury Lounge, Piano's, The Delancey, Bar Chord, or if
you offer him some whiskey, your front room.